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Omen is a Seraph E-tech shotgun manufactured by Tediore. It exclusively appears in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Omen can only be obtained as a drop from the Ancient Dragons of Destruction.

Special Weapon Effects

I'm gonna need you to stand back. – Fires 9 E-tech projectiles in a unique pattern (8 in a circle and 1 in the center) with the pattern expanding and contracting as it travels. Consumes 1 ammo per shot.

Usage and Description

The Omen shoots a blaster-like spread of pellets with the middle projectile maintaining a straight trajectory. This makes it more useful than most Tediore splatguns in terms of range. Upon reloading, the Omen is thrown and explodes. Since the pellets travel in an expanding and contracting pattern, if the correct range is found, all pellets will converge on the target at once, doing maximum weapon damage.

Due to the spread of the bullets, Maya is capable of using Phaselock with Converge to concentrate enemies and deal damage to several enemies at once. Damage output is greatly increased if Wreck is also used. If she has Restoration, the Omen can be used to both damage enemies and heal allies during combat. The bullet spread means that her shots hit both friend and foe, so in combat, she could position herself behind another Vault Hunter and fire toward enemies, making sure the spread is large or small enough to hit both.


  • Since the Omen's fire rate is on the lower side, skills and/or gear that increase fire rate are helpful for damage output.
  • The explosion after reloading is strong enough to incapacitate the wielder.
  • The Omen cannot spawn with the vertical grip, or the 'Gentle' prefix, which would give it x11 projectiles fired.
  • When looking straight up, the pattern of the bullets becomes disfigured into an irregular shape while still maintaining its expanding and contracting ability.
  • Each pellet causes an additional 100% splash damage of the Omen's element. The splash damage cannot score critical hits while the impact damage can. This splash damage is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.
  • The Omen can spawn with no element, making it one of the few E-tech weapons (and the only shotgun) to do so. A non-elemental Omen will have purple pellets that inflict non-elemental bullet damage and explosive splash damage.