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Omega Mantakore is an optional, non-respawnable boss in Borderlands 3. It is fought during the side mission Fire in the Sky on Nekrotafeyo.



The Omega Mantakore is armored and will be initially weak to corrosive weapons until the armor depletes. Because of its large size, weapons with area-of-effect damage such as the Cutsman or the Flakker are very effective. The Omega Mantakore mostly attacks from an out-of-bounds area using ranged attacks that deal corrosive damage, so weapons that have a short range or slow projectile speed may be less effective.


  • As the Omega Mantakore will not respawn once killed, any unique drops obtained from it can only be acquired once per playthrough unless a backed-up save file is loaded.


  • The Mantakore's name is a combination of Manta and Korax, the two creatures that combine to form it.
    • It is also a reference to the mythological Manticore, a being the Mantakore is visually similar to.

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