Old Spicy is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Marcus.


"Marcus knows what women like: musky odor! Go to Scorched Snake Canyon and find him 5 skag musk glands and some rakk hive ambergris so he can brew up a truly potent cologne."


Old Spicy

Old Spicy

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Collect skag musk and rakk hive ambergris in Scorched Snake Canyon for Marcus.
  • Skag musk glands: 0/5
  • Rakk hive ambergris


The musk glands are dropped by any skags in the area. There are a few skags visible near the entrance to the area and several skag dens on the way to the mine where the rakk hive-trap is found.

A map marker points the way to the rakk hive-trap slumbering in the middle of one of the mine pits. When approached, the rakk hive-trap will haul itself out of the dirt and attack. Its awareness range does not cover the entirety of the mine floor however, so it is possible to shoot it from a safe distance without fear of reprisals. It still may shoot gobs of toxic sludge over long ranges that will dissipate into clouds of noxious gas.

The ambergris objective automatically completes when the rakk hive-trap dies.


"That's all you need for a powerful aroma. Guaranteed to always work on 60% of the ladies, at least half of the time."

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  • Text of Skag Musk Gland item: Skag musk glands... mmmm... musky.


  • The mission name is a reference to Old Spice, a brand of male grooming products that produce, among other things, cologne.
  • The completion dialogue is a reference to the movie, Anchorman. "Sex Panther Cologne. 60% of the time, it works every time."
  • Printed on the Rakk-Trap Hive's plating over its tail can be read the phrase "I Break For No One."
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