Old God is a legendary shield exclusive to the Guns, Love, and Tentacles DLC for Borderlands 3 and is manufactured by Hyperion. It is obtained randomly from any named enemy within the DLC, such as Empowered Grawn or Tom and Xam.

Special Weapon Effects

The end comes from within. – Deal 20% increased elemental damage for the element it is resistant against. 25% damage reduction against all elements. Can spawn with 3 shield augments.

Usage & Description

The Old God is most often used in glass cannon builds to increase their damage even farther, forgoing shields with more survivability. Conversely, it is also often used in builds with high survivability to have increased damage.


  • Because of how damage is calculated in Borderlands 3, the 20% increased elemental is actually much more impactful than it first appears. This is because the more of a specific type of damage boost the character has, the less effective it becomes. For example, a character with just a 30% gun damage boost and a 30% elemental damage boost will deal more damage than a character with just a 60% gun damage boost or just a 60% elemental damage boost.
  • Because FL4K has no other elemental damage boosts besides Spiderant Scorcher, the Old God provides a larger boost in damage per second to FL4K than other characters.


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