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Ol' Pukey is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt.


Claptrap has detected another Claptrap somewhere in the swamp and wants it investigated.


"Hope you've got an empty stomach."


  • Find Claptrap unit
  • Protect Ol' Pukey
  • Retrieve Claptrap unit


The Claptrap signal is coming from Grifter's Reach, an open swamp area inhabited by savages. Once the location of the signal is reached, a non-hostile skag by the name of Ol' Pukey will emerge from its den, whereupon Claptrap observes that the other Claptrap is inside the skag and the best way to retrieve it is to wait for Ol' Pukey to vomit.

Waiting for Ol' Pukey to vomit gets complicated when a group of savages attack and the nature of the mission changes to a protection mission. The first wave of hunters are not much of a threat to the skag as their spears are ineffective against a moving target. The second wave of triggermen are far more accurate, and although their shots are weak against the skag they still need to be eliminated quickly to prevent Ol' Pukey from taking too much damage. The final wave of badass savages is the most difficult. The badasses will mob Ol' Pukey, striking with axe blows that whittle down the skag's life much more quickly. They can be intercepted before they reach Ol' Pukey, but once they latch on they are very reluctant to disengage from the skag.

When the final wave is defeated, Ol' Pukey will vomit the remains of a broken Claptrap, which then explodes.


"Claptrap's hopes were once again dashed against the rocks of despair. Ha!"

Turn In: Claptrap