The Ol'Painful is a unique Assault Rifle manufactured by Vladof. Ol' Painful is obtained only from Odjurymir during the 2014 Christmas holiday special event.

Special Weapon Effects

Come on in... Ol' Painful is waiting. – Fires laser blasts instead of bullets. Always incendiary.

Usage & Description

The Ol'Painful is most effective when used in close quarters to take greatest advantage of high fire rate.

It can also be used to great effect by Gladiators who are using the Ceraunic Storm skills as it is a guaranteed fire element. Its viability within the Ceraunic Storm tree is further bolstered when boosting its naturally high fire rate using the skill Unrelenting.



  • Ol' Painful and its flavor text refer to the minigun carried by Blain (Jesse Ventura) in the film Predator.

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