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Ogre is a legendary aftermarket assault rifle manufactured by Torgue that appears exclusively in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. The Ogre can only be obtained as a rare drop from Warlord Slog in Murderlin's Temple.

Special Weapon Abilities

Ogres chew their food. –  Has an extra 100% splash damage bonus and can fire two shots in rapid succession (an ability similar to other Spitter rifles). It has a chance to randomly increase its fire rate and reload speed for a short period, and during this buff its projectiles will also ricochet.

Usage and Description

The Ogre behaves much like any lower-quality Torgue Spitter rifle with a plethora of added perks.

Due to the fact that the Ogre has the highest magazine size of any Torgue rifle and does not consume multiple ammo per shot, it is an attractive weapon for Axton players investing in the Gunpowder tree, as all of the bonuses to gun damage, assault rifle damage, and grenade damage improve the Ogre's damage.

The Ogre is also a versatile weapon for any character, as each character has skills that can benefit and/or compensate for any of the Ogre's flaws. Maya's Accelerate and Zer0's Vel0city can compensate for the natural Torgue penalty of bullet velocity. Krieg has fire rate and explosive bonuses, and his Bloodlust tree gives the Ogre a much higher clip for little effort, quickly building up stacks with its already high magazine size. During Salvador's Gunzerking, a weapon paired with the Ogre may enjoy the latter's random bonuses. Of course Gunzerking with two Ogres Salvador can achieve an impressive level of explosive carnage.

The Ogre's random buff properties may be temporarily passed on to other weapons by switching, similar to the Grog Nozzle's 'drunken' effect affecting switched weapons. Ricocheting projectiles may be more noticeable on other weapons than on the Ogre itself.


  • The Ogre shares its name with another weapon from Borderlands, which was also an explosive assault rifle with exceptional power.
  • The Ogre cannot be obtained via Torgue vending machine.
  • Leveling up Warlord Slog to King of Orcs does not increase the chance for the Ogre to drop in any way.
  • The Ogre's damage is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.


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