The Ogre (Borderlands) is a Legendary Combat Rifle manufactured by Atlas.

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Special Weapon Effects

Ogre SMASH! – Increased explosive damage x3- x4

Usage & Description

The Ogre has the potential to be another example of a strong, versatile combat rifle. Its possible specs have a large range they can fall into, and those statistics really change how the gun should be used. The Ogre has a large magazine regardless, but a 69 round magazine and a 12.5 fire rate allow for the "spray & pray" strategy to be particularly effective, due to the fact that the Ogre's mandatory explosive accessory allows for large amounts of splash damage. Since the accuracy for the Ogre can range from that of a Hunter's Shotgun, to rivaling some sniper rifles, the Ogre can be effective at any range based on this statistic. The Ogre shows no weaknesses overall, but it is best used in the fashion of a support machine gun, getting gratuitous amounts of explosive ordinance downrange toward the target's general area.

The Ogre can be compared to the Maliwan Hellfire or the Maliwan Defiler: Not only does it proc on almost every shot, its accessory also increases damage output. Nothing in Borderlands is immune to explosive damage so the Ogre can be used against anything. Overall, the Ogre is a spectacular Machine Gun with no downsides. It is vastly superior to the would-be equivalent non-Ogre Explosive elemental machine Gun.


  • The Ogre's accessory may spawn on Ajax's Spear, removing said title and replacing it with an unprefixed Ogre.



The Ogre effect comes from the acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive accessory, which is based on acc5_Explosive. acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive grants a phenomenal amount of tech, and a great increase in damage. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

acc5_Atlas_Ogre_Explosive acc5_Explosive
Damage: +15%
Tech Level: +10
Damage: -40%
Tech Level: +6

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