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Off the Rails is the third story mission in the Bounty of Blood, an downloadable content pack for the Borderlands 3.


"Turns out the Obsidian Stone ain't a stone at all. It's an egg. And inside that egg? A Company-bred monstrosity called the Ruiner, which Butcher Rose plans to hatch. No time to waste, gunslinger. You've got a train to catch."



  • Go to sheriff's office
  • Place Ruiner diagram
  • Clear street
  • Follow Juno
  • Clear garden
  • Defeat Prime Abaddon
  • Talk to Juno
  • Open sheriff's loot chest
  • Talk to Juno
  • Cross the Blastplains
  • Go to Obsidian Forest
  • Find Oletta's homestead
  • Talk to Oletta
  • Follow Oletta
  • Get core sample
  • Give core to Oletta
  • Take infused core
  • Follow Oletta
  • Inject first core sample
  • Inject second core sample
  • Inject third core sample
  • Release first bug group
  • Release second bug group
  • Release third bug group
  • Follow Oletta
  • Shoot traitorweed
  • Kill belliks
  • Follow Oletta
  • Find train
  • Kill Devil Riders
  • Use valve
  • Hit coresploder
  • Destroy core loader
  • Stop train
    • Go to mine
    • Get core bombs (3)
    • Hit coresploder
    • Place core bomb
    • Exit mine
    • Place first core bomb
    • Place second core bomb
    • Hit coresploder
  • Search train wreckage
  • Find conductor
  • Find real, actual conductor
  • Defeat Bellik Primis
  • Talk to conductor
  • Exit crash site



  • Mission items:
    • Core Sample
    • Infused core
    • Core Bomb


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