Nyriad is a non-player character in Borderlands 3. The Vault Hunter never meet Nyriad in person, but found her writings scattered across the Borderlands.


Nyriad was a Siren who lived before the Eridian people were destroyed and was the Siren responsible for both their destruction and the sealing of The Destroyer.

In an Eridian glyph found in the Tazendeer Ruins, she describes her self as "the last to learn the Eridian language from the Eridians", hence explaining why her voice permeates the glyphs when they are translated; this is likely related to the Siren ability to imprint objects with psychic records of traumatic moments or milestones of their lives (See Childhood's End), and judging from the large number of them scattered throughout Borderlands 3, Nyriad likely gained a mastery of that ability to do so at will.


An Eridian glyph recording in Pyre of Stars that Nyriad leaves behind has her declare that "it was here that [she] killed them. A billion lives to power a machine," which cements her identity as the Siren who powered the Pyre when the Destroyer was sealed away the first time. From her words, she is haunted by her actions, even if they had saved the known universe, at least temporarily, from the Destroyer's wrath.

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