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Nurse Nina is a physician in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She runs the med vendor (Healz) machines on Elpis, and generally takes a tough love approach to patching people up when they're injured.


In the past, Nina has worked for both Hyperion and Dahl according to ECHO recorders found in Stanton's Liver and Jack's Office. For unknown reasons, she fled to Concordia, being sought by one or both companies. As in a "Character Thought Bubble" in the Subconscious of Claptrap revealed, Nina is the missing sister of Ivan Vladof.




  • "I have work for you. You come see Nina in Concordia."

New mission available

  • "I have job for you -- you take, yes?"
  • "I have work for you. I pay well."
  • "I have job. Interested?"

During an active mission

  • "How go mission?"
  • "You still doing job for Nina?"
  • "How mission for Nina going?"

Mission turn in

  • "Ha! You succeed!"
  • "Good to see you!"
  • "You make Nina happy!"

No new missions

  • "No job for you today."
  • "No job for you -- come back later."
  • "No work for you."

While idle

  • "You ever consider selling toes? No?"
  • "You skin very nice. Smooth. Leave to me in will."
  • "One day Nina tell you her story. Not today though, ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Unrelated mumblings

  • "He good at looking after himself, but Nina still worry..."
  • "I know I put it here somewhere."
  • "Machine won't work if not plugged into person."
  • "Is too expensive. Is waste of money."
  • "Is a nice man. Is kind. But smells like tork breath."

Radio advertisements

  • "This on? Oh! Hello peoples! This Nurse Nina. You hurt? Losing blood? Stop crying like big baby! Come to Nina, she fix you. Bring cash. Nina also accept organs for trade."
  • "Oh, hello. Nina not see you there. You know, life on Elpis tough, involve much pain. Nina understand. She crush pain out of you for small fee. What better than that?"
  • "Hello people. This Nurse Nina. When life got you down and you bleed a lot, come to me. I make things all better -- or do what I can, anyway. Oh! Nina also sell shields."

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