Number One Fan is a side mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage.



  • Take paper
  • Find Sully the Stabber
  • Get Sully's autograph
  • Kill Sully
  • Get Sully's head


Sully the Stabber, a famous competitor of the arenas, is in town and Tiny Tina badly wants his autograph. He can be found in The Beatdown stalking around amid some buildings. When prompted for the autograph Sully declines the request, and enraged, Tina decides that she wants him killed instead.

Sully attacks with several henchmen. When killed, his decapitated head falls to the ground as a retrievable item that is to be returned to Tina to complete the mission.


"Tina may not have gotten the autograph, but she got something much more meaningful instead: another death on her conscience!"
"Just kidding. Tina doesn't have a conscience."

Turn In: Tiny Tina


  • The text of mission itemss reads:
    • Sheet of Paper: A single sheet of paper.
    • Sully the Stabber's Head: Sully's head.


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