Null Pointer is a unique sniper rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Hyperion. It is given by Zer0 during the mission Hostile Takeover.

Special Weapon Effects

:-D – Improved damage, critical hit damage, fire rate, reload speed, and weapon shield capacity.

Usage & Description

Null Pointer has overall improved stats over typical Hyperion sniper rifles of the same rarity but otherwise has no unique effect. Regardless, its high stats will usually cause it to outperform most sniper rifles for several levels to come.


  • The Null Pointer can never spawn with an Anointement.
  • During Hostile Takeover, the Maliwan armory has another spawn location for the Null Pointer, allowing for two copies to be obtained in a single playthrough.


  • The Null Pointer is based on Zer0's color scheme while the flavor text is a reference to one of his faceplate's holographic emoticons.
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