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Now You See It is an optional mission in Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt to hunt a stalker named Bloodtail.


"Who's ready to get stinky?"


  • Take bottle of pheromones
  • Head to Bloodtail's lair
  • Place vial
  • Release pheromones
  • Kill Bloodtail (within 1 minute)


Hammerlock's vial of pheromones is first collected from the lodge and then taken to Candlerakk's Crag where it can be used to lure out Bloodtail. Bloodtail's lair is just beyond Elite's Crossing, and at this place the vial is deposited on a rock and then struck to start the one-minute timer.

Bloodtail is a melee predator that appears with half of its life bar apparently depleted. This unusual circumstance belies the stalker's durability however, as its natural shield is extremely strong and regenerates quickly. A sustained barrage of damage, preferably shock, is needed to deplete the shield, and then Bloodtail can be killed.


"Bloodtail is dead, and you smell funny. Another fine day on Pandora.


  • Pheromones: "Good for unclogging drains, stripping paint and luring stalkers."
  • There is a bug when playing as a mecromancer using With Claws  or Make It Sparkle where the bottle is unbreakable.[citation needed]