Nova? No Problem! is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Open Janey's chest
  • Take shield
  • Get to security room
  • Shock cameras and safe
  • Clean out safe


Janey needs a safe opened, which can only be done by using shock damage to disable five security systems at once. Her solution involves using a Nova shield to hit them all with a shock nova simultaneously, and she has Rapid Release stashed nearby for just such a purpose.

With the shield in hand, the next step is to get into the security room where the safe is in Regolith Range. The toggle to open the door to the security room is on the east side of the low compound where the mission marker appears.

The area is inhabited by hostile scavs, and these predominantly unshielded enemies fall quickly to incendiary attacks and head shots. More scavs enter the room itself, emerging from doors inside and bringing the fight into close range.

There are five security devices in the room that must be disabled simultaneously, so this requires donning the Rapid Release shield, standing in the electrical fence to deplete the shield, and then running a few steps into the middle of the room to stop between the devices for when the nova releases. The distance to each device must be roughly equal for the nova to hit them all at once. This can be difficult, especially with a small nova radius, and may take a few attempts to complete. The shock damage to the character after each attempt is not significant, but numerous attempts will eventually require a Vault Hunter to have some method of self-healing.

Once the security devices have been disabled, it is a simple matter to recover the items in the safe and return to Springs.


"Pat yourself on the back for your creative problem solving prowess!"

Turn In: Springs

See also


  • Mission Item: Springs' Safe Password - "There are worse ways to keep track of a password, one supposes."
  • The cameras in the security room are treated as enemies, so they can foil the auto-aim component of Nisha's action skill Showdown by causing her to target the cameras instead of the scavs.


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