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Not My Fault is an optional mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Hyperion Tourist Information Board.


"The vicious D-Fault and his gang have been harassing tour buses in the Dividing Faults. Hyperion needs them taken out to keep that tourist cash coming in."



Not My Fault

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Kill 15 D-Fault bandits and their leader D-Fault.
  • D-Fault bandits killed: 0/15
  • D-Fault killed


D-Fault and his gang reside in the eastern portion of the Dividing Faults. The bandits are usual faire, offering up psychos for close combat and various other bandits with small arms. They may conflict with claptraps on the bridge connecting their camp to the claptrap factory, so the fight can easily become a three-way battle in that area until all enemies in the immediate vicinity are eliminated.

D-Fault himself will appear a little further north; he is equipped with an average shield and body armor, has very high health, and is equipped with a random weapon. His armor is not as effective as that worn by Crimson Lance or Hyperion soldiers, as it only negates about 1/3rd of non-elemental bullet damage rather than about 2/3rds. His arm-mounted damage negating riot shield is only a factor if he uses a one-handed weapon or a rocket launcher, if he uses a two-handed rifle then his stance will prevent him from using it properly. If he uses his riot shield it will be turned aside under sustained fire, or shots will need to be directed to exposed parts of him in order to cause him harm. If he uses a rocket launcher, with its low rate of fire and long reload time, it can be dangerous to stationary targets in confined spaces, so staying mobile and out in the open will minimize the risk for those attacking him.


"The Dividing Faults are safe for tourists once more, and if you look out the left side of the bus, you can see a pile of fresh corpses."


  • After spawning, D-Fault will descend down an elevator to the level of the plateau where his camp is located despite his cutscene depicting him as emerging from a tent. He can be attacked while he is going down the elevator and will not attack until he leaves the shaft.
  • One of the bobble-head objectives in Taking Stock is found on the middle of the bridge.
  • Burned and destroyed buses litter the area below the plateau of D-Fault's camp while buses can be seen on the cliffs above it. This ties in with the purpose of the mission.