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For the enemy type in Borderlands 3, see Nomad Torturer (Borderlands 3).

Nomad Torturer is an enemy of the nomad type encountered in Borderlands 2.



The Nomad Torturer is functionally identical to a Nomad Taskmaster except for the Angry Midget chained to his shield to absorb incoming bullets. Shooting the three chains that bind the midget to the shield will free him, allowing him to attack his tormentor if a Vault Hunter isn't close enough to draw his attention. Freeing the midget also reveals a small hole in the shield that attackers can fire through to damage the nomad. Aside from using assault rifles, they can also unleash a powerful shield bash when in melee range. Freeing the midget commonly causes the Torturer to use this attack on the midget, providing players a relatively easy opening to attack.