For the enemy type in Borderlands 3, see Nomad Taskmaster (Borderlands 3).

Nomad Taskmaster is an enemy of the nomad type encountered in Borderlands 2. He is very rare sight and mostly encountered in Bloodshot Stronghold.



The Nomad Taskmaster gives orders to the other bandits in the area, improving their combat effectiveness but potentially letting alert Vault Hunters prepare for the imminent shift in tactics. The Taskmaster carries a heavy armored shield that can deflect bullets. This armor plating can also be shot off with enough bullets or explosives. After this armor plating is removed, attackers can shoot the Taskmaster through the hole in their shield. If a Taskmaster absorbs enough damage on his shield, he may recoil, opening him up to attack from the front. While issuing orders, Taskmaster will put his shield aside opening himself for easy shots. Distractions such as Axton's turret will allow an attacker to flank the shield.


  • Take cover boys!/Get behind something, idiots!/Put your damn heads down! - Enemies will take cover.
  • Charge him/her boys!/Charge!/Overrun 'em! - Enemies will behave like a Psycho and run into melee range to attack targets.
  • Toss grenades!/'Nades, now!/Throw grenades! - Enemies will throw grenades at targets.
  • Shoot the short guy!/Shoot the 'zerker!/Everybody kill the short guy! - Enemies will focus on Salvador.
  • Kill the ninja thing/guy!/Get that Assassin!/Get the tall one! - Enemies will focus Zer0.
  • Kill the hot chick!/I want that Siren dead!/Get rid of the magic chick!/Men! Take out the Siren! - Enemies will focus on Maya.
  • Kill that Mechromancer!/The little girl! Kill her!/Somebody shut that Mechromancer down!/The Mechro-chick! Get her! - Enemies will focus on Gaige.
  • The Commando! Get him!/Tear the Commando Apart!/Rip up that Commando! - Enemies will focus on Axton.
  • Focus on that Slagger! - Enemies will focus on whoever applied the Slag effect.
  • I want that sucker dead!/Pop that jackhole's head open like a grape!


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