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For the enemies in Borderlands 3, see Nomad (Borderlands 3) and Nomad Torturer (Borderlands 3).

Nomads are an enemy type in Borderlands 2. They are slow-moving bandits with high health. Some nomads wield large, bulletproof shields that provide nearly full cover. Most nomads will only carry a gun whereas others will dual wield a pair of guns.


Notable Nomads


Nomad concept art


  • Quit making me work for it!
  • Drop your gear, I'll let you go!
  • Dibs on their scalps!
  • Well, who's this?
  • I'll make a coat outta ya!
  • You won't last two minutes!
  • I want everything you got!
  • Just leave!
  • Leave us alone!
  • Gimme your damn loot!
  • I'll survive, you won't!
  • You should be runnin'!
  • Look at all that gear!
  • Some nice gear ya got!
  • Just DIE already!
  • Die, midget lover!
  • You're worse than a midget!
  • You can still run!
  • Midget loving taint-sacks!
  • Get 'em, boys!
  • I'm gonna pick your corpse clean!
  • I got no time for this!
  • This one's mine!
  • You're nothin'! Nothin'!
  • Make this easy on yourself!
  • Here's the winder!! (when using a melee attack)
  • Shut up, tiny! (spoken by Nomad Torturers on rare occasions when their captive midgets squeal in fright)
  • Shut the hell up! (spoken by Nomad Torturers on rare occasions when their captive midgets squeal in fright)


  • Don't scavenge my stuff...
  • But, my gear...
  • Midget lover...
  • I miss my midget...
  • At least I won't have to deal with you people anymore...
  • Bury me with my stuff...
  • Leave me alone...
  • Been waiting for this...
  • Hell...
  • Fine...good...
  • This is the end...
  • Why...

Player fleeing

  • I ain't followin' you!
  • Stayin' back here!
  • That's the idea!
  • Yeah, runnin' away!
  • You'd better run!

Player crippled

  • Freaking finally!
  • I told you to leave us alone!
  • Almost as bad as the midgets!

When attacked

  • Aw nuts. (when slagged)
  • Slag? Really?! (when slagged)
  • Slagging bitch! (when slagged)
  • Augh, disgusting! (when slagged)
  • Lay off!
  • How?!
  • Son of a ... bitch!
  • Damn bastard...
  • Stop it!
  • You bitch!

Nearby when Goliath is attacked

  • What are you doing!
  • No! You'll rage him!
  • He'll rage out!
  • Stop it, you moron!
  • No, not the helmet!
  • We put the helmet on for a reason!
  • You're almost as dumb as the midgets!
  • Leave it on!
  • Keep the helmet on!
  • Don't shoot the helmet! 
  • We can't stop him!

Nearby when Goliath goes into rage mode

  • Everybody run!
  • He's angry!
  • Start runnin'!
  • He's loose!
  • Who took off his helmet!?
  • He's free! He's free!

During Goliath's rage

  • We can't stop him!
  • Kill it! KILL IT!
  • We're gonna die!
  • We're dead!
  • Goliath? I-I order you to stop!

Fighting escaped midget

  • Midget on the loose!
  • Get back on the shield!
  • My midget!
  • They freed my midget!
  • Shoulda never let you free!
  • I will end you!
  • I knew I shoulda killed you!
  • That was your last chance!
  • Kill the midget!
  • You're going back in your box!
  • You're not getting fed this month!
  • I will kill you, short stuff!
  • I will break you, pint size!
  • I friggin' HATE midgets!

Losing shield

  • Shield's gone!
  • Lost my shields!
  • Lucky sonofabitch!
  • My shield!
  • Quit screwin' my shields!
  • Shields are down!
  • You're pissin' me off!

Mortally wounded

  • Just... end it already...
  • I'm so sick of this...
  • Wounded again...great...!
  • I... don't... die...
  • Keep trying...!

Ally's demise

  • He owed me rations!
  • Ha ha!
  • Serves him right!

When grenade is thrown

  • Aw crap.
  • Huh?
  • Grenade!
  • Oh! Grenade!
  • Dammit!
  • What?!

When Buzzard(s) appear

  • We got gyros in the air!
  • Took ya long enough!
  • Strafe 'em already!
  • We got gyros, we're fine!

When Buzzard pilots die

  • You suck, pilot!
  • Learn to fly!
  • Worst pilot ever!
  • Where's our air support!?
  • You fly, they can't! What's your problem!?

When Zer0's Decepti0n fades out

  • That was a decoy you morons!
  • The real one! Get the real one!
  • How'd he move so fast?
  • Crap! It was just a hologram!
  • Idiots! You can't tell a person from a hologram?!
  • It's an illusion! The real one is over there!
  • He was tricking us!
  • Shoot the real one!
  • Damn it, he fooled us!

When Axton throws down a turret

  • Look out!
  • What the?!
  • Nice turret!
  • That ain't gonna help you!
  • W'the hell is that?!
  • I want one of those!
  • It'll take more than that!

When Phaselocked by Maya

  • What's this crap?!
  • Frickin' witch thing!
  • What the hell?
  • Put me down!
  • Let me down, NOW!
  • Whoa... WHOA!
  • Lemme down!

When Salvador Gunzerks

  • One gun wasn't enough!
  • You and me 'zerker!
  • I'll survive this!
  • Two guns?! So what?
  • Show me what you've got 'zerker!
  • What the hell?
  • 'Zerker's doublin' up!
  • Bring it on, 'zerker!

When Gaige summons Deathtrap

  • Stop that bot!
  • Cute robot!
  • Don't sweat it boys, just a dumb machine!
  • The hell is that thing?
  • Scrap that bot!
  • We don't take kindly to bots around here!
  • The bot! Somebody wreck it!
  • Don't break that bot! We could use it!


  • Whenever a nomad issues a command, he will always lift his shield to the side, exposing his body.
  • Nomads carrying physical shields are vulnerable to weapons with splash damage, as they can bypass it. However, the direct damage from the projectile is still blocked.
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed to Nomad Raider.
  • In Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed to Nomad Plunderer.


  • Nomads detest midgets, choosing to affix them to the front of their shield to show their hatred for them.