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No Vacancy is an optional mission in Borderlands 2.



  • Turn on steam pump
  • Find steam valve
  • Shoot ladder
  • Find capacitor
  • Find gearbox
  • Replace steam valve
  • Replace capacitor
  • Replace gearbox


An ECHO Recorder has been stuck to the bounty board at the Happy Pig Motel. When obtained, it reveals the demise of some of the former inhabitants, and offers a mission to restore the power to the various Happy Pig Motel facilities. This fails initially when the steam pump is revealed to be broken, so Scooter ECHOs instructions on how to proceed further.

There are three items to be collected in order to restore power. The first part is on top of a tower, and this can be accessed by shooting a ladder down. The second part is held by bullymongs. The third part is held by skags.

When all three have been obtained, the power can be restored from a valve.


"The Happy Pig bounty board is now open for business."

Turn In: Happy Pig Bounty Board

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  • Throughout the mission, a number of references are made to the valve, the steam pump, and the gearbox. Valve Corporation is the company behind Steam, one distribution platform for Borderlands 2, and Gearbox Software is the company that developed Borderlands 2.
  • During the mission, Scooter says that the steam pumps used to run on a different power source, until people complained and they changed it. This alludes to Borderlands 2 using the Steam multiplayer matchmaking system instead of the much-maligned GameSpy system used for Borderlands.

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