No Kill Like Overkill is the tier 6 skill in Salvador's Gun Lust skill tree. Any excess damage dealt to an enemy that kills them is transferred to the next shot.

Special Skill Text

"I'm looking for a really big gun that holds a lot of bullets."


  • The bonus damage is capped at 5 times the damage that the shot would have inflicted without the bonus. This makes the skill less useful on weapons with lower damage if the overkill was inflicted with a weapon with considerably higher damage.
  • Subsequent kills will reset the buff; this can cause a sudden loss of extra damage if an enemy happens to be killed with little excess damage.
  • Normally, the damage dealt to an enemy on a killing blow is scaled depending on the health it had left. This skill causes the player to ignore this effect (for the sake of calculating 'overkill' damage).
  • The damage buff applies to any kind of gun damage, even splash damage from rocket launchers, Torgue, and Maliwan weapons.

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