No Animal Harmed is a challenge for Outlands Canyon in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


To complete this challenge, one must simply kill Rabid Adams without harming his pet Tork. Rabid Adams spawns within the shack in the area of Outlands Canyon known as Rabid Adams' Treasure Trove during (and as of the March 24th patch, after) the side mission Treasures of ECHO Madre, which can be obtained from Pickle.

If any damage is caused to Rabid Adams' tork, whether by environmental, skill-based, weapon, grenade or spike or nova shield damage, the challenge will not complete. If the challenge is completed, Rabid Adams' pet tork will stop attacking and change from hostile to friendly, noticeable from its health bar's switch from an enemy's red health bar to an NPC's green health bar.


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