Nirvana is an effervescent Maliwan SMG. Nirvana can be dropped by Infected Badass Sprouts in the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC.

Special Weapon Effects

Look, life's a bitch. Get over it. Burn something to the ground. - Always incendiary. Slightly reduced bullet damage and accuracy. Increased magazine size, elemental damage and elemental chance with 50% elemental splash damage.

Usage and Description

While the Nirvana does have excellent damage-per-shot compared to other SMGs in Borderlands 2, its true strength lies in the elemental damage. The Nirvana's combination of high fire rate, chance to ignite and burn damage per second makes it an excellent weapon for dealing damage over time.

The common varieties of bandits, and other fleshy enemies will fall quickly to the sheer amount of burn damage the user can inflict on targets in a short period of time. The Nirvana is powerful enough to let even badass enemies behind cover simply burn to death if the user tagged them a couple times before they got there.

The Nirvana excels at medium range, against single targets or many. It would be wise, however, to stack as much fire damage onto a single target as possible, and then let the burn damage finish the job.


  • Krieg can make exceptional use of the Nirvana, as he has many skills in the Hellborn tree that can further increase the effectiveness of the weapon. Its high fire rate and chance to ignite also gives Krieg more chances to set himself on fire to get even more use out of his skills.
  • The Nirvana's 50% splash damage is boosted by grenade damage bonuses.
  • The Nirvana has the same balance, barrel, and material as the Hellfire.
  • The Nirvana has a 1% chance to be dropped by an Infected Badass Sprout.


  • The Nirvana's internal name is La Tite Verge (La Petite Verge) aka Little Virgin.
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