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[[Category:Arid Badlands missions]] Nine-Toes: T.K.'s Food is a story mission in Borderlands given by T.K. Baha.


"I did hear it! Damned skags gettin' into my food! Damn them all to hell! You! Whoever you are, I want you to go kill those rat-bastards! They just stole half my food stores! Go get my food back, then we'll talk after I ain't so pissed off."



Nine-Toes T.K.'s Food

Video walkthrough


Recover the stolen food items and return to T.K. Baha.
  • Stolen Food: 0/4


T.K. says that the skags have made off with his food and he won't talk until he gets it back. The mission marker leads to the west of T.K.'s farm where there are numerous many skag dens. The mission markers indicate each piece of food, most of which are within range of nearby skags. Once the fourth piece of food has been collected, the mission can be turned in to T.K.


"Whoo! I enjoyed listening to that. Skag corpses hittin' the ground is like music to my ears. Brought my food back, did ya? Thank you, stranger. So, you're lookin' for Nine-Toes' hideout? It's over in Skag Gully. Seein' as you helped me with my skag problem, I'm happy to help you with your Nine-Toes problem!"


  • Text on Stolen Food item: Looks a little less appetizing, after all it's been through.