Night of the Living Ned has you find Ned and kill him to end his reign of terror.


The drawbridge between the Lumber Yard and The Mill was raised to prevent the zombies from reaching The Mill. Now that it the drawbridge can be lowered, Dr. Ned can be confronted at The Mill.


Fight your way to the mill, find Dr. Ned, then kill him.


Assassinate Dr. Ned for the Jakobs Corporation
  • Dr. Ned killed: 0/1
"Ned is in the mill. There is nothing in your way. Kill him."


Dr. Ned is in the last room of The Mill. The fight is straight forward, he has a weak shield and moderate health.


"That was easy."

Additional Information


  • Dr. Ned, during cut scene: "I smell POPCORN! Now. I'm. PISSED!"


  • "Turns out hes a bad guy ... who knew?" - cut scene when you reach him at The Mill.
  • When you kill him the credits begin to roll but are interrupted by a cut scene to the next mission.

Nearby Missions


  • The mission name is based on the title of the famous zombie cult classic "Night of the Living Dead".
  • The mission name also provides a bit of foreshadowing.

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