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Night of the Living Ned is a story mission in The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned given by Jakobs ECHO.


"Ned is in the mill. There is nothing in your way. Kill him."



Night of the Living Ned

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Assassinate Dr. Ned for the Jakobs Corporation.
  • Dr. Ned killed


The mission is straight forward as Dr. Ned is found the last room of The Mill. The fight against him will be short as he has a weak shield and moderate health.


"That was easy."


  • Completing this mission will unlock the achievement Night of the Living Ned.
  • "Turns out hes a bad guy ... who knew?" - cutscene when the character reaches him at The Mill.
  • When Dr. Ned is killed, the credits begin to roll but are interrupted by a cutscene to the next mission.



Dr. Ned sends several messages at mission walkthrought:

  • 1st, after the 2nd bridge: "Keep coming. I don't care. I actually designed this shit in stages so it would be more entertaining for me."
  • 2nd, after Wereskags killed: "Alright. What's Jakobs payin' you? I'd offer to double it, but I'm poor as dirt after spending every cent I had into the recreational use of the undead as money makers. So far, not diggin' my plan in hindsight."
  • 3rd, during the 3rd bridge: "Alright, alright. You're makin' a nice little dent in my undead army. That's the beauty of the undead – if you kill them they're just dead again, and I just fire up the mojo, and make them re-undead and they're back to gnawin' at your hind fat."
  • 4th, during the 3rd bridge: "Okay, now you're just getting my dress all a-twitter. If I have to get out of bed and kill you I sure as hell will. Yeah, I'm Echo communicating from bed. So, what?"
  • 5th, during The Mill: "Well, you got me out of bed. Now I'm just pissed off. I love slippers. I live to wear them. Now I'm just gonna have to kill you."
  • and during cutscene: "You smell like popcorn. Now I'm pissed!"