"Killed Ned... sort of."


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  • Being story-related, it can be missed on multiplayer. Following the story in single-player mode will ensure obtaining this achievement.
  • In multiplayer, only the person who killed Dr. Ned and the host will get this achievement.
  • (Xbox 360) This achievement gives 1G, for a total of 50G when added to the 49G awarded by Ned's Undead, Baby.
  • (PC - Steam) This achievement is hidden in the Steam version of the game, and won't appear in a Personal Stats page until unlocked.


  • This achievement is a nod to George Romero's 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead." The film follows several individuals who attempt to survive the night trapped in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse while the house is being attacked by mysteriously reanimated ghouls, otherwise known as zombies. Night of the Living Dead

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