Located to the North-Northeast end of New Haven, the New Haven Bounty Board is only available once you have completed the mission Power To The People.


At the North-Northeast end of New Haven.

Side Missions

Name Location Level Reward
Like A Moth To Flame Arid Badlands 21 8280XP, $8102, The Blister
Scavenger: Submachine Gun Rust Commons West 21 $10803, a Submachine Gun
King Tossing Tetanus Warren 21 5244XP, $5401, The Spy, Wee Wee's Super Booster
Corrosive Crystal Harvest Tetanus Warren 21 5520XP, $2700, Corrosive Artifact
Hidden Journal: Rust Commons West Rust Commons West 23 6000XP, $20328
Missing Persons New Haven 24 1560XP, $3794
Two Wrongs Make A Right Krom's Canyon 25 $8500, 5670 XP
Wanted: Fresh Fish Treacher's Landing 27 $26656, 17400 XP, Leviathan
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