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New Haven is a settlement located in a vast junkyard between The Dahl Headlands and The Rust Commons West. It was founded by the former inhabitants of what is now Old Haven.



Notable Friendlies

  • Helena Pierce is a questgiver located in the first floor of a building near the New Haven New-You station.
  • Dr. Zed is found here after leaving Fyrestone.
  • Marcus Kincaid is a questgiver and operator of the weapon and ammo vendors encountered throughout Pandora
  • Scooter is a questgiver, mechanic, and operator of the Catch-a-Ride system found on Pandora.
  • Claptrap

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Hidden Basement Easter Egg

There is a hidden basement in New Haven that cannot be accessed until you receive the main quest "Another Piece of the Puzzle". You can't complete any part of that quest or the basement will become locked again. As soon as you get the quest, head to the small blue building directly behind the building next to Helena Pierce's building and take the elevator down. The basement usually has 3-5 Psychos in it along with a silver and a red weapons chest, and some lockers.

Hidden Weapon Crates

There are five Hidden Weapon Crates in New Haven, excluding the Crate that is unlocked once the Claptrap rescue is completed. The weapons crate rewarded for the Claptrap Rescue Quest makes for a total of six, once you have completed the quest.

Hidden Weapon Vending Machine

There is another weapon vending machine that is hidden by a garage door.  It is located directly across the street from the weapon vending machine in front of Marcus Kincaid's building.  It is unsure what exactly causes the the door blocking the machine to open.  Most likely, the vendor becomes accessible once a certain quest is accepted or complete, or the player reaches a certain level.


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