New Contact is a story mission in Claptrap's New Robot Revolution given by Blake.


"Hyperion VP, Mr. Blake wants to meet the crew that 'accidentally' slaughtered his recon team. Whoops. Find him at Tartarus Station."



New Contact

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Meet with Blake at Tartarus Station.
  • Blake contacted


This mission is added automatically in conjunction with an ECHO message from Mr. Blake. Follow the satellite tower down from Tannis' outpost in Tartarus Station. The door at the bottom will now be accessible. Navigate through the streets down below to find Mr. Blake at the Hyperion Tourist Information Center by the railway platform in the middle of town.


"Hyperion Corporation wants to hire you to take care of the claptrap situation! Welcome to the rakk race!"

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  • Blake's closing statement, "Welcome to the rakk race!" is a play on words using "rakk" as a substitute for "rat" in the term rat race.
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