New-U Stations are antenna-like terminals scattered throughout Pandora, primarily located at outposts and transition points. The New-U Station serves a vital function. It stores a character's DNA against the possibility of "accidental death or dismemberment" and can digistruct an entirely new body to replace the recently deceased one. This 'new you' will appear at the last station the character activated.

There are two versions of the New-U Station. The interactive models are mainly located at major towns or outposts. The smaller, non-interactive versions are scattered in less populated areas such as caves. Both types of stations do two things: They act as a save point for Borderlands' auto-save function, and as a respawn point in case of character death. When a character comes within range of a station, the red light will change to green and the game will automatically save.

The fully interactive New-U-Stations offer several functions to the character:

  • Name Change
  • Change the color of a character's outfit
  • Reset Skill Points
  • Access to the Fast Travel Network

In Borderlands 2, the character customization options have been moved to Quick Change stations, such as those in Sanctuary and Liar's Berg.

In Borderlands Pre-Sequel, New-U Stations exists only in Helios, as on Elpis New-U Stations are replaced with Medvacs, manufactured by Dahl. Apart from different company, other differences between New-U Station and Medvac are appearance and comments on respawn.


0 dolla cost
  • When a new character freshly arrives on Pandora, the Fast Travel network is offline and is unavailable until the mission, Powering The Fast Travel Network is completed, however players are still able to use the Fast Travel system to access DLC locations without having to do the mission.
  • Teleporting using a New-U station is free of charge.
  • The fee for respawning at a New-U station costs 7% of a character's money. For example, if the character carries $1,000, the fee would be $70. To avoid paying this fee when a character is close to death, the game can be exited and restarted, although in single-player this also resets the level that the character was in and returns the character to the last major New-U Station visited. In Multi-player, the client participants also have this option, however if the host discontinues the game, all players present will be forced to restart.
  • If a character has $7 or less, then the reconstruction fee will be waived, as 7% of the character's cash is less than $0.50. This can be seen in the image to the right.


Borderlands 2

  • Oh, hey, you're back.
  • So, how was the dying?
  • By using this New-U station, you have forfeited your right to reproduce.
  • Hyperion would like to remind you that there is only one thing worse than respawning, and that is not respawning.
  • Between you and us, that thing that killed you is a total dick. Please disregard this message if you committed suicide.
  • Hyperion recommends swearing vengeance on the thing that killed you, unless it was an inanimate object such as a cliff.
  • Rise from your grave! (Reference to Altered Beast)
  • Permanent death? Schmermanent...schmeath.
  • The Hyperion corporation suggests: Live! LIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVVE!
  • Do not worry about the afterlife, Hyperion customer! Hell is reserved exclusively for pedophiles, and people who buy Jakobs munitions.
  • The Hyperion corporation wishes to clarify that the bright light you saw after death was our digistruct technology, and not a higher power. Not higher than Hyperion, anyway.
  • If any idiot ever tells you that life would be meaningless without death, Hyperion recommends killing them.
  • Aaaaaand RESPAWN!
  • R-r-r-r-respawn!
  • Hyperion recommends channeling your post-death frustration into pre-death vengeful anger!
  • Hyperion would like to take this opportunity to say: cha-ching!
  • The Hyperion corporation would like to remind you that the afterlife is extremely boring, and not worth visiting.
  • The Hyperion corporation is sure none of that was your fault.
  • Hyperion recommends checking for any excess limbs before continuing your adventure.
  • Hyperion says: back on your feet and show 'em what for!
  • Hyperion suggests that you do not think about the fact that this is only a digital reconstruction of your original body, which died the first time you respawned. Do NOT think about this!
  • The Hyperion corporation reminds you that all spawncampers will be permanently banned from this plane of existence.
  • Anyone can live. Have the courage to die!
  • So long as you believe in yourself, nothing can TRULY kill you! Except Handsome Jack.
  • Greetings, clone-of-the-recently-deceased! Good luck in your future endeavors!
  • Hyperion suggests that you rejoice in your temporary death! A victory achieved without suffering is no victory at all!
  • Hyperion hopes your death was a learning experience, but wouldn't mind if you made the same mistake just a few more times just to be sure.
  • Hyperion is offering a ninety percent off sale on all New-U respawns! This offer expires in three-two-one-zero aww, better luck next time.
  • Hyperion says: afterlife, schmafterlife.
  • The Hyperion corporation respects all forms of life, so long as they pass a credit check.
  • Hyperion is not responsible for any fingers, toes, or breasts added during the respawn process.
  • Dying is awesome! All of the cool kids are doing it!
  • The Hyperion corporation welcomes you back from your visit to the undiscovered country.
  • Hyperion asks: why die when you can respawn?
  • The Hyperion Corporation: We make your life. Period.
  • Eager for revenge against whomever forced you into this unfortunate state? Why not upgrade your arsenal with some Hyperion firearms?
  • The Hyperion corporation wishes to remind you that heroes die many deaths; cowards taste but one. Or something.
  • Perhaps if you'd bought more quality Hyperion munitions, you would not need to use the Hyperion quality New-U station as much! Just a thought!
  • Don't think of your death as failure; think of it as fun! Don't think of Hyperion's New-U respawn charges as war profiteering, think of them as war... fun!
  • Enjoy your new you!
  • Thanks for using this Hyperion New-U station! Please die again!
  • So, how are things?
  • Oh, it's you again.
  • The Hyperion corporation: You don't die, until we say so.

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

  • Maybe there's a healer somewhere looking for a group.
  • Hollow reversed.
  • Failed your saving throw, huh?
  • So, how was hell?
  • Fantasy worlds, right?
  • Live again, adventurer!
  • Resurrection!
  • Man, am I sick of talking in this pleasant-ass voice.
  • You smell kind of like butts and dead people.
  • Necromancy is the bestomancy.
  • Maybe you need a tank to soak up some aggro.
  • Next time, you might wanna spend a healing surge.
  • Here—have your hit points back!
  • ​You might wanna put more points into vitality.
  • I cast my Resurrect Vault Hunter Spell!
  • Don't worry—we'll just retcon that.
  • Doing good?
  • There is no magic like resurrection magic because resurrection magic is -- highly expensive.
  • Aw. Again?
  • Lives? Where we're going we don't need... lives.
  • Death means nothing in this fantasy world!
  • At least the game's not too easy, right?
  • Worry not—Tina is a forgiving goddess.
  • You're not dead -- huzzah!
  • Arise!
  • Just so you know, you're technically undead now.
  • When you play the game of Vaults, you win, or you respawn and win a few minutes later.
  • I hope your fantasies involve dying a lot.
  • The power of imagination stings like a bitch, huh?
  • Thank you for using this personal Necromancy station.
  • I cast: revive!
  • Don't die now, you've still got quests to finish!
  • Consider me your own personal phoenix down.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

  • "Another glorious day in the service of Dahl!"
  • "There'll be time to sleep when you're dead, and YOU'RE NOT DEAD!"
  • "Are you gonna let whatever killed you get away with it? HELL NO! Get you some vengeance, soldier!"
  • "Hyperion wishes to remind you that by using this respawn station, you have forefeited your right to reproduce."


  • New-U-Stations are manufactured by the Hyperion company. The Hyperion logo is visible just above the holographic access panel.
  • The New-U Station may be a reference to the "New-U" in the film Logan's Run.
  • Audio files of Handsome Jack taunting those who respawn in Borderlands 2 were recorded, but were cut from the final release version of the game. However, they appear in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel in the Hyperion Hub of Heroism.
  • Despite in-game references and explanations of New-U stations, Borderlands 2 head writer Anthony Burch has confirmed that New-U stations are not canon, and do not exist as far as the plot of any Borderlands game is concerned.[1]

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