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Nel is a non-player character at Moon Zoomy Run in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Nel is found leaning against a wall at Moon Zoomy Run where he acts as a simple mission objective in Last Requests. The objective is to interact with him, thereby calling him a "Dick," at which point he crumples into a sobbing wreck on the ground.

Nel can also be fought after said mission has been completed as a "Boss" style fight.



In order to fight Nel two large signs with the letters "D" and "K" must be retrieved from tops of two buildings - the leaning tower to the east, and the IC 57 building just south of Nel. They then need to be placed on the IC 57 wall to spell the word "DICK". The letters can be retrieved by anyone with an Oz Kit - they require use of jump pads and O2 vent jets plus skillful double-jumping, and nothing else - but Nel himself should not be tried until the player can handle level 29 (normal VHM) mobs.

After the letters have been placed he will message, sounding unhappy to have been insulted again. At this point he goes to start the fight and should be followed.

Nel has waves of Scavs, Lil' Scavs and Badass Scavs fight for him during the first stage of this fight, and these need to be eliminated before Nel actually becomes hostile - these enemies are level 29 in Normal Mode and level 50 in True Vault Hunter Mode. Before these waves are killed he will stand there with a "friendly" health bar above him.

Nel is resistant to incendiary attacks.


  • Nel has an increased chance to drop the Skullmasher sniper rifle.