Next to nothing is known of Nekrotafeyo, the fabled homeland of the Eridians. Long thought to occupy a theoretically determined sector of space, anomalous interference has kept it hidden from any attempt to locate it remotely, and none who have set out to find it themselves have returned.
— In-game description

Nekrotafeyo is the homeworld of the Eridians and is the setting for the final chapters of Borderlands 3. Now devoid of civilization, it has been desecrated by Maliwan in their attempts to gain a deeper understanding of Eridian technology.


Believed to be a fairytale, Nekrotafeyo housed the Eridian civilization up until its sudden disappearance. Relics and writings on the planet reveal that the entire population of the planet was sacrificed to power the Machine, which was used to incarcerate an ancient threat to the galaxy.


In Borderlands 3, the Crimson Raiders come to Nekrotafeyo seeking a way to prevent the opening of the Great Vault. Typhon DeLeon, thought dead, reveals himself and highlights the existence of the Machine, a great planetary mechanism used to originally seal the Great Vault. Dispersing resistance from stranded Maliwan forces, resident Guardians and interloping Children of the Vault, the Crimson Raiders attempt to reactivate the Machine using the four extant Vault Keys, but their efforts are ultimately foiled by Tyreen Calypso, who irreparably damages a key part of the mechanism.

Points of Interest

The Machine

Vault of the Architect


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  • Runes on the planet's surface indicate that Nekrotafeyo means first landing, suggesting that it is not the first Eridian foothold in the universe.
    • In Nyriad's glyphs, she mentions that Nekrotafeyo means both first landing and homeworld.
    • It is also a reference to the Homeworld series of games, another IP owned by Gearbox.
  • The name of the planet seems to be a variation of the Greek word nekrotafeio (νεκροταφείο), which translates to "cemetery".
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