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Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Skags is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 which is become available at Happy Pig Bounty Board after restoring power to the Happy Pig Motel during the No Vacancy mission.



  • Pick up packages
  • Deliver Packages: 0/5


The mission requires the delivery of 5 packages in 90 seconds. These are located on a bus at the Happy Pig Motel, and as soon as they are retrieved the timer starts counting down. Each package delivered adds 15 seconds to the clock. The area is populated with bandits however, so completing the courier run is easiest if the bandits have been eliminated before the countdown begins.

Leaving a vehicle parked near the buildings helps with keeping the time down. The player who triggers the mission by picking up the parcels on the bus can then access the Catch-A-Ride to teleport back to the vehicle.


"Your stint as a courier for the Pandora Postal Service was brief, but positively fraught with excitement. Future Pandoran couriers will point to your brief tenure and say, "How very excitement-fraught that courier's stint was. Never," they will say, "had there been a fraughtier period in the history of the service."

Turn In: Happy Pig Bounty Board

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