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Eons of snowfall have draped a cloak of white over the mountain. Now it sits, hunched, a pale king on an ancient throne.
— In-game description

Negul Neshai is a location on Xylourgos in Guns, Love, and Tentacles.


Negul Neshai is a large mountain with wind shear so cold it could freeze an unwary traveler solid. It is here where the Vault Hunters find Eleanor's research ship crashed and lodged in the mountain. A Dahl observation post is set on the top though having been long abandoned.



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Points of Interest

Winterdrift Outpost

Ruins of Yogseer

An Eridian ruin inhabited by Bonded.

The Dyad

The Dyad is a crashed Dahl research ship pinned to the peak of the mountain. It was used by Eleanor and Vincent to observe and study the ancient Vault Monster Gythian. How it crashed is unclear.

Xenocardiac Containment

The reactor and command center of the Dyad.


  • According to Gaige, Negul roughly translates to "soul obliteration" and Neshai translates to "a soul tortured in hate gravy".
  • Even after completing the mission, the Dyad' thrusters remain active.
  • The research ship shares the design of the crashed frigates found across Eden-6, though showing a large reinforced bow and a Dahl logo.


  • Title given by the game is "Mountain Pass".

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