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Needler is the Title of a group of Repeater Pistols with increased rate of fire.

Examples are on the talk page.

Usage & Description[]

The needler is an excellent alternative to a machine pistol, although they do not sport the higher damage that a machine pistol will usually get, they are usually easier to control and have less recoil issues. The needler is good with close and medium range combat, but will usually excel in more closer range combat than a generic repeater pistol due to sometimes low accuracy.


The Needler effect is derived from the title Title_Firerate1_Needler. It is given to repeater pistols with high fire rates, granting them less recoil and larger magazine size. Although not a significant boost, the extra magazine size and reduced recoil work well with high fire rates.

Clip Size: +2
Recoil: -20%