Needle Gun is a legendary submachine gun in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Tediore. It can be dropped by any enemy in Revenge of the Cartels but has an increased chance of dropping from Franco Firewall.

Special Weapon Effects

Not your average needle. – Reduced damage. Increased magazine size and maximum fire rate. Fire rate increases while fired. Fires bright laser needles that travel slowly and home onto enemies. Applies a stacking vulnerability debuff on the enemy. On max stacks, additional damage refills the gun's magazine. This ability has a short cooldown.

Usage & Description

The Needle Gun should be used to focus on single enemies at a time due to its special effects. It has lower than average damage, but will quickly gain strength as an enemy is bombarded with needles. Its strength shines on durable targets, as the Needle Gun may never need to reload if the enemy is constantly hit.


  • Due to its increased magazine size, Needle Guns will always spawn with the "XXL" prefix, with its full name being "Needle Gun XXL".
  • Upon gaining max debuff stacks on an enemy, the enemy will generate the same particle effect used by Atlas tracker grenades.


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