Naught is a unique speedy shield manufactured by Tediore. Naught can be obtained by purchasing the season's pass on Tales from the Borderlands.

Special Weapon Effects

5 + 7 + 1 = Zero.  – 0.0 Recharge delay.

Usage & Description

The Naught has below average capacity and a slow recharge speed, but starts recharging immediately after taking damage.

Because the Naught's recharge delay is set to zero, it benefits greatly from Bandit or Pangolin parts. Pangolin parts grant increased capacity at the cost of longer recharge delay and lower recharge rate. Bandit parts grant the highest recharge rate bonus of any manufacturer, as well as granting a moderate increase to shield capacity, also at the cost of a longer recharge delay. Since the Naught is always recharging and has no recharge delay, Pangolin and bandit parts are essentially without drawback.

Torgue parts grant similar benefits to the Naught, granting stats situated in between bandit (high recharge rate bonus, low capacity bonus) and Pangolin (very high capacity bonus, recharge rate reduction). Torgue parts give the Naught more capacity but lower recharge rate than bandit parts


  • The Naught's material uses Zer0's iconic "0" symbol, in reference to the character's name having the same meaning as the Naught.
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