Napykins Lunestalker is a young moon buggy racer living in Triton Flats with his father, Lunestalker Sr.. He is extremely cocky, rude, and, according to Springs, disliked by everyone who's ever met him.


When first met, Napykins issues a challenge to break his course record around Triton Flats. When his record is beaten, he cries about it being unfair and runs off to tell his father that he was cheated. Furious, Lunestalker Sr. rides out in his own moon buggy and attacks.

Napykins disappears after his mission is complete, but anyone returning to his garage will hear him call out to his father who then reappears and attacks.




  • Napykins Lunestalker parodies the character Anakin Skywalker as he appeared in The Phantom Menace. The name "Napykins" is a blending of the word "nappy" with "Anakin," and "Lunestalker" is a play on "Skywalker."
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