Nakayama-rama is an optional mission to track down four ECHO recordings of Professor Nakayama in Scylla's Grove.


"Keep your friends close..."


  • Pick up data recorders: 0/4


The four ECHO recorders are all positioned in areas populated by savages. Combat is conducted at various ranges with savages emerging from buildings and often having superior firing angles as they shoot down from elevated balcony walkways at exposed Vault Hunters. Explosives and incendiary attacks directed against them are well supplemented by grenade types that can reach obscured, or partially obscured targets.

Each ECHO recorder is in an area close to other missions and challenges, so an efficient approach is to treat Nakayama's ECHO recorders as optional objectives while undertaking other tasks, and periodically check the mission log for nearby recorders.


"You've learned a little something about Nakayama. Nothing that will actually help you kill him, of course, but still - something."

Turn In: Claptrap


  • Mission item: Data Recorder - "A recording of the most extreme super deadly evil genius villain extraordinaire Pandora has ever seen! No, really!"

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