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The NOG is a Maliwan unit found in Borderlands 3. It is a midget with a large helmet who uses various pieces of high tech equipment in combat and usually appears in situations where NOG can support other Maliwan troopers.


NOGs are support units that utilize swarms of drones for offense and defense. Individually, they present little threat. However, NOGs are almost never encountered alone and are typically deployed alongside various Maliwan troops. In combat, NOGs can use their drones to double the shields of a single ally. The NOG will follow this ally until either is killed, or the NOG receives sufficient damage. Alternatively, NOGs can use their drones to create a circular, front-facing shield to protect themselves.

Offensively, NOGs will typically use their drones to attack in various configurations. These include firing lasers, a homing ball of drones, or waves of drones sent directly at the Vault Hunters. The deadliest, however, is a horizontal line of energy cast between two drones, similar to rounds fired from the Cutsman. These deal high damage and are fired in sequential groups.



All NOGs possess a shield. As such, it is advisable to use shock weapons or action skills to deplete their shields quickly before switching to incendiary weapons. However, Hardened NOGs will also possess armor, necessitating the use of corrosive damage as well. Because of their ability to provide support for enemies, NOGs should be considered priority targets to avoid a more difficult fight.

If a NOG begins buffing an enemy's shield, a single drone will project extra shielding from above the enemy. This can be interrupted by destroying the drone or by attacking the NOG itself. When at low health, NOGs may also create a circular shield in front of themselves. Dealing damage to this shield will eventually cause it to break. This will also stun the NOG for several seconds and allow for extra damage to be dealt.

NOGs are similar in stature to Tinks, but their virtual reality helmets protect their heads from critical hits. Instead their crit location is the power generator on their backs.


  • Using NOG Potion 9 will cause NOGs to fight for the Vault Hunters for 12 seconds.


  • It is revealed in Technical NOGout that the NOGs' helmets are actually virtual reality visors that trick the NOG into believing they are playing a video game. It is implied by their quotes that the NOGs are completely unaware they are in actual combat.
  • Although it remains unknown what "NOG" stands for, the name itself comes from the word "noggin," which is a term used for head or brain, referencing the NOGs' enlarged heads.
  • There exists a dark variant of the NOG that can be found serving General Traunt on Nekrotafeyo or on the Slaughterstar 3000. Aside from their name and color scheme, they are functionally the same as their basic counterparts.
    • There also exists a Special Ops variant of the NOG found at the Maliwan Blacksite at Midnight's Cairn, where they serve as guardsmen for the weapons project Valhalla. Aside from the name and color scheme, the NOG retains their tactics.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Violent NOG.


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