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  • Get in the old sandskiff
  • Talk to Lionel
  • Find engine capacitor
  • Locate Sand Worm Queen
  • Talk to Mrs. Blayvis
  • Find coolant disperser
  • Talk to Jocko
  • Find pressure regulator
  • Talk to Jennifer
  • Find magnetic overthruster
  • Install engine capacitor
  • Install coolant disperser
  • Install pressure regulator
  • Install magnetic overthruster
  • Scan skiff
  • Return to Shade


The first objective is to get into Shade's old sandskiff and use it to find Captain Scarlett, but moments after it is accessed it breaks down, leading to additional objectives to repair it.

The rest of the mission involves a simple process of following waypoint markers and talking to the corpses of some of the last townspeople in Oasis Town. Shade has rigged each one with an intercom which he uses to convey their side of any discussion. At each location a supplementary objective arises, and this involves obtaining a nearby part for the sandskiff.

Lionel's engine capacitor poses a problem when a Sand Worm Queen leaps out of the sand and swallows it. She must be hunted down and killed to obtain the engine part.


"With Shade's hovercraft repaired you can finally head out to Wurmwater and find Captain Scarlett."

Turn In: Shade


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  • Mission Items:
    • Engine Capacitor: "This Engine Capacitor looks like it's ready to explode at any moment. Let's install it!"
    • Coolant disperser: "A busted up coolant disperser. Just what you need"
    • Pressure Regulator: "This pressure regulates pressure. No, seriously."
    • Magnetic Overthruster: "This magnetic overthruster can bend space and time. No, not really."

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