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My Husband the Skag is an optional mission in Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage given by the Forge Bounty Board in The Forge.



"A man named Jerek has hired you to find his husband, whom he believes has turned into a skag. The husband-skag should be in Torgue Forge and can be identified by the red scarf around his neck.
  • Reach skag den
  • Wipe out first skag den
  • Wipe out second den
  • Wipe out final den
  • Find Jerek's husband
  • Talk to Uriah
  • Kill Uriah
  • Trick Jerek


The object of this mission is to find a skag that should be wearing a red scarf. There are three areas of skags where he could be, and all of the skags in these places are to be killed.

When the skag packs are destroyed, Uriah reveals himself saying he is not really a skag. Players then have the option to take his scarf and trick Jerek, or alternatively to kill him anyway. There is no difference in the reward either way.

There is also a bug in which the option to "Take" the scarf from Uriah appears after killing him. No action will be undertaken upon attempting to take the scarf however.


"Ah, romance"

Turn in: Forge Bounty Board


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