My Brother is an Italian Plumber an achievement/trophy that is earned for killing an enemy by "stomping on their head". Jumping and landing on an enemy inflicts damage on the enemy, and if an enemy is killed in this way, the Achievement will be earned.


The damage inflicted by jumping on an enemy is minimal - 2-3 points at best - so it is usually worthwhile to whittle down a potential target with more conventional attacks before finishing it off with a jump. The act of landing on an enemy will cause the jumping character to bounce a little and slide clear, although subsequent bounces before landing will also add to the damage.

This achievement can be done right outside Fyrestone where level 2 Skag Pups make for easy targets. It may pay to turn down the road and head for the broken vending machine to avoid local bandit interference.


  • The Xbox 360 achievement gives 15 gamerscore.
  • The PlayStation 3 trophy gives a "Bronze" trophy.
  • Awards Steam Achievement on PC (Steam version only).


  • The name of this Achievement is a reference to Mario, an Italian plumber from the "Super Mario Bros" franchise. Mario, who is well known for his jumping ability, defeats the majority of his enemies by jumping on their head. Luigi, Mario's brother (who also happens to be an Italian plumber) possesses similar jumping abilities, but is lesser-known than his older brother.
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