My Brittle Pony is an optional mission in Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary. The mission is performed starting at The Backburner and continuing in Helios Fallen.


"It's time to rescue everyone's favorite diamond pony!"



  • Go to Helios
  • Meet the team
  • Search the Helios with Brick
  • Find Butt Stallion
  • Check in with Tina
  • Keep Searching
  • Meet Tina
  • Shoot the bomb
  • Protect Tina and Butt Stallion
  • Talk to Tina


Brick and Tina can be found toward the east side of Helios Fallen. After Tina runs off alone, Brick sets off after her and can be followed to find her. A number of enemies will show up along the way, including Hacked Loader Bots and human soldiers, but Brick will make short work of them.

Tina eventually stops outside of Butt Stallion's chamber allowing the others to catch up, but as the group approaches Butt Stallion, a number of Hacked Loader Bots will be summoned by a local defense system. Once the bots have been dispatched, a short conversation among Tina, Mordecai, and Brick will take place. The mission can then be turned in to Vaughn at The Backburner.


"She's in good hands now. Sort of."

Turn In: Vaughn

Mission Transcript

Main article: My Brittle Pony/Transcript


  • Once this mission has been completed, Tina and Butt Stallion can be found in The Backburner in the northeast corner.
  • This mission has to be completed for the mission BFFFs to become available.


  • The amulet around Butt Stallion's neck is identical in appearance to the Mysterious Amulet.


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