Multi-tap is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Atlas. It can only be obtained from Katagawa Ball at Mayhem 6 or above.

Special Weapon Effects

Double the fun. – Fully automatic. Increased reload speed and improved overall stats. Fires two bullets for the cost of one. Alternative Fire mode fires a tracking grenade that causes the gun to fire bullets at every tracked target at no additional ammo cost. Reloading causes fast-traveling cryo rockets to launch at all tagged opponents. Cryo rockets will detonate on impact with the environment.

Usage & Description

The Multi-Tap is an improvement over the AX-19 and Atlas weaponry with tracker grenades. It is fully automatic, has a high damage output, and is excellent for crowd control since it will fire at every enemy tagged with its tracking mechanism. Its only downside is its heavily increased reload speed, which can be improved through the use of skills or artifacts.

Considering it has the ability to fire cryo rockets, it can be useful in the hands of Zane due to his focus on cryo skills.


  • The Multi-tap is one of the few Atlas guns in Borderlands 3 with elemental abilities, alongside the Rebel Yell and O.P.Q. System.
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