The Mulciber Mk2 is a manned turret assembled from the remnants of other equipment. A Gatling gun in the front provides the fire power, with the rotating barrel being driven by a vehicle engine mounted just behind. The gunner's controls look to have been the front forks stripped from a motorcycle and carry a pair of pretty ribbon tassels dangling from the ends.


Bandit Thugs operate these guns. The gunner is exposed to attack from the sides and can be quickly removed by flank attacks. His head is also visible over the top of the engine, allowing for critical hits from precision shots from a frontal attack. Explosive or incendiary attacks can quickly kill the operator without having to directly hit him and while sparing the Mulciber from destruction.

Mulcibers are very durable, accurate, and heal quickly if not hit in a period of time. They have an extremely fast attack rate, making it ideal for cutting down a large number of units, but is not useful when characters are of a reasonably high level with powerful weapons.

After the gunner has been dispatched, the Mulciber Mk2 can then be mounted in the same manner as other Vehicle turrets. Turning the Mulciber is a slow and ponderous action, but once the sights have been set on an enemy target a steady stream of gunfire can be unleashed that will not drain on personal ammunition supplies.

Five Mulciber Mk2's can be encountered in the game. The first location is in Headstone Mine, overlooking a large yard in the northern part of the map. The second location is found in Rust Commons East outside the entrance to Krom's Canyon. The last three are found mounted on the bandit gunboats found in Treacher's Landing, but are only present during the mission, I've Got A Sinking Feeling... These boat-mounted Mulcibers cannot be operated by the player as the map does not allow player access to the gunboats, much less on the Mulcibers themselves.

Mordecai's Bloodwing skill is very effective against the Mulciber Mk2, as Bloodwing will only attack the gunner, possibly killing him, while leaving the turret itself intact.


  • Mulciber is an alternative name for the Roman god Vulcan. Most Gatling guns are also called "Vulcans", a generalised name that comes from the real world Vulcan Gatling gun.
  • There is a glitch where if an enemy is killed by the Mulciber, characters will receive more XP from them than usual. (e.g., killing a level 16 Bandit thug at level 24+ usually gives 1 XP, but killing them with the turret gives extra XP).

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