Muckamuck is the Title of a group of Sniper Rifles and is manufactured by Jakobs. The Muckamuck is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.

Usage & Description

The Muckamuck sniper rifles tend to be high quality sniper rifles, featuring damage boosts and high accuracy at the expense of high recoil and low fire rate. Muckamucks may be bolt-action (when blue or white rarity) and have either a seven-round cylinder similar to what was common in Borderlands or sport the 7–8-round block magazine. They are very similar to the Chinook line of sniper rifles, also made by Jakobs.


  • The "Gearbox Muckamuck" is available exclusively as part of the Premiere Club pre-order bonus package.


  • The term "muckamuck," or makamak, in the Native American Chinook language means "plenty to eat."
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