Borderlands 3

Killing enemies

  • "*Laughs* I'm on a freaking roll!"
  • "That's just what I do."
  • "Smacked Down!"
  • "Thank you, Next."
  • "Freakin' multi-kill, yeah!
  • "Stay down, scrub."
  • "Wait, I lost count."
  • "Check out that body count!"
  • "Oh yeah!"
  • "Opening up a finely aged cask of whoop-ass."
  • "Rackin' em up."
  • "You're done."
  • "Thought you were big shit eh? But you were just a huge fart."
  • "That all you got?"
  • "Who saw that?"
  • "Scrub."
  • "*Laughs* I'm feeling it."
  • "Here we go."
  • "Just feeding the birds."
  • "Next!"
  • "Yeah girl, what!"
  • "Oh look dead meat."
  • "Anybody counting?"
  • "Right?"
  • "Who's next!"

Throwing a grenade

  • "Here comes a big one!"

When Crippled

  • "Last of the Corps, going out."
  • "Son of a bitch!"

Reviving ally

  • "Take your medicine."
  • "What, you want to die in the dirt?"


  • "Wasting time, wasting time when I SHOULD be wasting bad guys!"
  • "We'll fight in weather foul or fair, storms don't mean shit to Iron Bear. Through the mud and in the night, I've got my enemy in sight."
  • Lead and iron by the ton, no one's got a bigger gun. Don't need rifles, don't need ranks when you've got a walking tank.

Hovering over a gun

  • "Ooh, gimme gimme."

Hovering over a health restore

  • "About time."
  • "Nice, needed that."

Looting money

  • "I'll take that."

Enemies spawn nearby

  • "Here they come."
  • "Time for a scrap!"
  • "Bring it scrub."
  • "Oh, Your gonna die"

Going over a ramp while in a vehicle"

  • "Hell yeah!"

Falling from a high position

  • "Clear the LZ!"

Iron Bear killing an enemy, while in Auto-Bear mode

  • "Score one for Iron Bear!"

Using Quick-Change

  • "Yeah, girl, lookin' good."
  • "It's called style, bitches!"
  • "Soldier of fortune, soldier of style."
  • "Stylish and deadly!"
  • "Nice! It's got pockets!"

Attempting to buy something too expensive

  • "Ain't got the money for that."

First time landing on a planet in an escape pod

  • "I think... I threw up my entire skeleton."

Coming out of a New-U station

  • "I will never get used to that."
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