Moxxi's Red Light is a bar run by Moxxi in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Athena was in hiding here until Mr. Shank and a gang of his fellow prisoners broke in and kidnapped her for the bounty on her head. It is located behind a bandit barricade on the end of a damaged highway in the south-east section of the Deep Fathoms.




FOV101 redlight 2
  • Moxxi appears to be unfazed that her bar is in complete disarray and strewn with the bloodied corpses of prisoners and bandits, including one splayed across the bar directly in front of her. The bar remains like this throughout the course of the DLC.
  • The sign that directs to this location offers convoluted directions. It should give directions to continue across the bridge (that is not standing), but instead indicates a much longer route to Moxxi's Red Light off the highway and back up again.
  • A sign outside in the Deep Fathoms indicates that the Underdome is nearby, and the stadium is indeed visible in the distance. However, there is no traversable in-game connection and Vault Hunters cannot travel directly from Moxxi's Red Light to the Underdome.
  • There are a number of references to the other DLCs on the shelves behind Moxxi, including a model Penalty Box, a brain, Hank Reiss' hat, a Jack-O-Lantern, a Marcus bobble-head, and a model Claptrap with a moustache.
  • If the brain on the shelf is fired upon it bleeds.